Madhav Insurance Brokers Private Limited

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We are a private limited company by the name of Madhav Insurance Brokers Private Limited. The company was incorporated on 09.02.2004, with the main object of carrying on the business of insurance brokers as direct general insurance brokers and/or direct life insurance brokers. Our company is registered with The Registrar of Companies at Jalandhar (Punjab) and is having its Registered Office at Gandhi Chowk, Ahmedgarh, Distt. Sangrur and Corporate Office at Miller Ganj , Gill Road , Ludhiana. Ours’ is a company being promoted by a group of young entrepreneurs along with highly professional experts who have worked in General and Life Insurance Companies in senior positions. Our Managing Director & Principal officer Sh. D.K. Goyal having vast experience in the field of insurance. All the directors of the Company are veterans insurance professionals and directly supervising marketing of business.

Sh. D.K.Goyal

(Managing Director & Principal Officer)


Why Us?

  • Convenience: We can arrange all the insurance and risk protection you need. Probably only one meeting is necessary to identify your needs.
  • Knowledge: We have a daily and regular interface/contact with many insurance companies, and knows where to obtain the best insurance protection at the best cost.
  • Choice: We deal directly with most insurance companies, and can present your risks in the most effective way.
  • Innovation: We are helping our clients reduce risks through modern risk management procedures and systems, thereby reducing their dependence upon insurance, with considerable cost savings.
  • Professionalism: We are members of Insurance Regulatory & Developement Authority(IRDA), and are bound by its Code of Conduct, professional standards and ongoing educational requirements.


Why Insurance Is Important?

Insurance is one way of protecting yourself against the risk of unexpected financial losses. It does not remove the risk, but it can partially compensate for losses incurred. Through the payment of premiums, you transfer the cost of a major loss from you to an insurance company. Insurance operates on the principle of shared risk. A group of people pays in specified premiums to a common pool. Funds from the pool are used to cover individual losses. The amount of premium each individual pays is based on the frequency of past losses by the group, plus the costs of administration and selling, divided by the number in the group. Insurance is the foundation of financial security for you and your family.



  • Motor Insurance
  • Mediclaim
  • Personal Accidental Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy
  • Fire Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Travel Insurance


Industries Served




Garment Manufacturers


Educational Institutes




Merchant Importers & Exporters



"Great people, very friendly. It is so good that I thought they were too good to be true!"

Alisha Sood

"This was a great experience. The broker was so knowledgeable, responsive and did exactly what they said."

Naveen Jain

"Excellent service and an outstanding experience! Great customer service in all respects."

Priya Sharma

"All the representatives who worked on my account are fabulous. They did everything, which made the facilitation of the process effortless and thoughtless for me."

Raman Kashyap

Get in touch

Regd. Office:
Gandhi Chowk
Ahmedgarh-148021, Punjab
+91-01675-242656, 98151-82656, 98720-82660

Corporate Office:
2nd Floor , B-15,553/A-12/4
Ghaki Shah Flour Mill
Opposite Punjab & Sind Bank
Miller Ganj, Gill Road, Ludhiana-141002, Punjab
0161-5069806, 98151-82656, 98720-82660